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Autumnal Activities

So, as the winter nights draw in, things actually get easier for us at temp0rary HQ, as our projectors seem that little bit brighter and there are less offers to go to the pub or park for a cheeky evening sunset pint…

bleephaus frogfestWe’ve lined up an excellent run of performances for the autumn months, so here they are, collected so that we can refer back to them as much as anything… hope to see you at some of these events, there’s a lot of awesome to look forward to.

Saturday 20th September
Bleephaus stage at FrogFest
Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
temp0rary headline set with support from Krugazor, Woosey, Kenji Run, VIRUS Empire, Tragedy Magnet, Party Levitation, The Bluff Chill Account, #CUDDLESQUAD, Ghost Mind, Colossloth and Finn Kelvin.
[More Info Here]

Thursday 16th October
temp0rary at CRUX
T-Chances, Tottenham, London
temp0rary performance with presentation and discussion on working methods and adding audience participation to live work.
[More Info Here]

Saturday 18th October
OxJam Takeover, Cheltenham
Venue to be confirmed.
[More Info Here]

Saturday 8th November
Tempting Failure
The Island, Bristol
Collaborative performance of The Lived Body by Thomas John Bacon and Lee Chaos
[More Info Here]

Harvest Festival

I normally try to update the temp0rary site once a month, but July and August have really run away with us – with Bunker Session II being a wonderful experience again, we moved straight on to our performance at BoomTown fair with the So Fun crew. This was our first festival gig, and as is our standard method of operation, we were wildly over-ambitious, which wasn’t really a problem until it came to getting all the gear off site! The gig itself was a success, although we really didn’t know how the audience would respond to a 4-hour interactive breakbeat based installation… the result was a series of brilliant impropmtu collaborations and unexpected musical adventures that we couldn’t have planned if we’d tried!

Our rig consisted of 8 light-operated sensors (the photosynthesisers) which triggered arpeggios, drum loops and synth sounds, a selection of trigger buttons for sound effects, the return of the EEG brainwave to MIDI arpeggiator and four live microphones (the loopins) which allowed the audience to sing along and for us to grab the best bits for further manipulations. For a festival, we really weren’t expecting much more than a passing interest in what we’d built, but some of those who paid us a visit stuck around for literally hours and added a completely new and unpredictable twist to our performance!


We really can’t thank Jimmy GeneralWaste and the rest of the So Fun crew enough for the opportunity to play this gig and all their help in making our rig work (especially when the storm broke!) – we had an absolute blast and it has taken our work in some interesting new directions.

bleephaus frogfest

Talking of which, the next temp0rary performance will be headlining the Bleephaus stage at FrogFest on Saturday 20th September at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham. Again, I’ve been asked to curate the stage, and have had an opportunity to choose some of my favourite electronic and experimental noise acts. We will be bringing some new toys to play with and also taking the best bits of our Boomtown rig back out to give the audience an interactive grand finale that we hope will be somewhat memorable!

The temp0rary diary then looks fairly quiet for the rest of the year although we will be spending October doing some R&D and checking out some of our favourite bands for inspiration who all seem to be on tour at the same time! Then we’ve got the studio to rebuild, which makes the prospect of actually getting some recordings down slightly more appealing…

Swinging from one lead to another

Just a very quick update as we move from having returned from Bunker Session II in Dundee (which was amazing!) to our work on the set-up for So Fun Gang at BoomTown Festival (we’re performing on the Friday 8th August, doing a takeover from 7-11 on the Friday, come and hunt us down if you’re there!) – we will hopefully be putting up the full video of Saturday’s performance, but in the meantime, here are the audio files – more soon!

Take Shelter


As mentioned beofre, temp0rary have returned to 28 Group Observed‘s lovingly-restored bunker in Dundee. We’re here for 6 days, and our first full day yesterday was incredibly productive. We set up about half of the AV rig for Saturday night’s streamed performance, I wrote 3 new pieces of music / noise, and everyone else worked hard on creating and editing the visual elements for the performance. We also had a visit from STV who did a small feture on the bunker and our performance:


I’ve been putting some of the work in progress up on Soundcloud, so if you’d like a sneak preview of some of the elements of Saturday’s performance, you can find that here:

The best way to find out about the live gig stream, which will be happening this Saturday 19th July at approximately 7pm, is to follow the Facebook event. And to whet your appetite still further, here are some of the stills of work in progress.


No spare capacitance

When most normal, sane people are contemplating booking a couple of weeks on a beach with a long drink and a trashy novel, here at temp0rary HQ, we are pretty much intending to do the exact opposite…

This coming Monday we will be returning to Scotland to immerse ourselves in a selection of bunkers and listening posts for Bunker Session #2 – Once more we will be hoping to stream a live performance based on field recordings, oral history, video and photographic evidence, and live performance. The stream will be broadcast on Saturday 20th July, and details will be forthcoming about how you can tune in and watch.

After that we are heating up the soldering irons and getting ready for our ‘installed performance’ at the mighty Boomtown Festival over the weekend of 7-10 August. We’ve got something really fun and interactive planned for this one that’s taking some of the ideas and tech from previous audience participatory events and re-tooling it specifically for the So Fun Gang in a hidden corner of the festival. If you are attending, be sure to hunt us out!

On the 20th September, we are bringing the Bleephaus stage to the Frog & Fiddle in Cheltenham for the FrogFest weekend and are looking forward to programming a diverse range of noisy electronic acts for your listening pleasure & endurance, as well as working on a grand finale befitting of such a fun local festival.

Also, we have just been added to the line-up for the annual OxJam charity gig in Cheltenham, which will be taking place on Saturday October 18th, venue to be confirmed (and then filled with projections and noise…!)

I feel it’s also only fair to warn you that I have taken delivery of a Moog Theremini and I am not afraid to use it – expect there to be a somewhat Forbidden Planet feel to future temp0rary work until the novelty wears off…



Objects in Crystal Ball May Appear Further Away Than They Actually Are

I’ll be honest, I use these updates to keep track of where I’m supposed to be at any given point. There’s lots of exciting stuff going on at temp0rary HQ – just ask the postal services that keep delivering a range of exotic components and second-hand tech that is being wrangled into our forthcoming performances…

So, first up, we’ve been asked back to run another Bleephaus at Grumpy Whiskers in Cheltenham on Saturday June 21st. temp0rary are not scheduled to be playing this event, but both Adrian and I hope to be there, and we might just jump on the Open Desk session if the mood takes us, plus we’ll be showing people how to build handmade noiseboxes too. Come along, meet us when we’re not massively stressed about playing a gig and see that we can be rational, calm people..! Performances from stage-mates Brown Torpedo and Kenji Run, and the debut of new drone-horror two-piece Krugazor, along with free entry, make this an unmissable event.

Then, as everyone else enjoys the sun (or as much as one can in this country) we will be drawing the shutters and preparing for 2 big temp0rary manoeuvres. Firstly we shall be returning to Scotland for Bunker Session 2 between 15-20th July when we are hoping to create a bigger site-specific piece. Again, we are hoping to do a live stream of the performance and will let you know how you can watch it live.

Secondly, we are appearing at Boomtown Festival over the weekend of 7-10 August. This is going to be a big show for us – our first festival event, and one of our more ambitious shows with regards to audience participation. People will get the chance to join in with the temp0rary sound system and we are intentionally leaving the music a little open-ended so that we can respond to whatever mood the audience are in on the day!

Looking forward to September, we have been asked back to FrogFest, which this year takes place from 19 – 21 September, and this year Bleephaus will have its own stage on Saturday 20th! We will be looking at pulling something truly spectacular out of the magic flightcase for this one just as soon as we get through all the other adventures…

We keep putting back that album recording too. But we’ve got some new plans for that which are a bit more temp0rary…

Dronehaus – 12 hours noise, 2 days recovery…

A full 48 hours after the event and I am still reeling from the impact of Dronehaus… It ended up being one of those mad ideas that, with the correct alignment of stars, ended up being a very good idea indeed. At the very end of April, after finding out about National Drone Day in Canada, I decided to stage our own event in Cheltenham and take things International. One enthusiastic message later, and I had a venue willing to let us take over for a full 12 hours, and after half an hour of social networking I had collected together some of my favourite musicians, many of whom wanted to showcase brand new work and collaborations at Dronehaus. Add to this a handmade electronics workshop and enough blank spaces to allow some spontaneity to evolve, and the stage was set for a whole day of unique music.

However, I was not expecting the calibre of performers to be as high as it was, nor the audience to be so enthusiastic and engaged throughout. In order of appearance, we had a stunning opening performance from Party Levitation, segueing seamlessly into the debut performance by Tragedy Magnet which managed to be both tense and beautiful. Febs took the first Open Desk session and filled the venue with some exquisite Lovecraft-inspired atmospherics – no mean feat for a musician who had only started making music when he found out about Dronehaus a couple of weeks before!

Our electronics workshops produced some frightening and uncomfortable noises, and it was an absolute delight to then take these devices into the basement and amp them up – there then ensued an impromptu jam session which caused much hilarity as people tried to get musical results out of their unruly electronics! Tom Cassidy then took the stage and performed an inspired set using his just-assembled noisebox and a suitcase full of effects to coax some drones that were in turns delicate and brutal. Febs then took to the stage once more to perform material he had written the previous hour (!) before we handed over the decks to Woosey, who performed some wonderful beatless electronics that conjured up memories of the best bits of Aphex Twin being bitcrushed into submission. For an open desk session, I couldn’t have wished for a better bunch of drop-in musicians.

After a brief interlude provided by a Dan Cooper mixtape, we moved onto the programmed segment of the evening which kept the bar sensationally high. Kicking off proceedings was MOD, the new project from Amon and Max of Xykogen infamy which was powerful stuff. This was followed by the sinister chip-drone of #CUDDLESQUAD, resplendent with harrowing handmade masks and vocals that seemed to be broadcasting from a portal to hell. Next up was kissmeyourebeautifulthesearetrulythelastdays – a one-man guitar and handmade electronics assault that was alternately abrasive and beautifully fragile.

Then it was time for temp0rary to enter the fray – firstly by joining No Man on stage, who performed first as an A/V piece, and then repeated the performance with live vocals, electronics and video manipulations. It was a huge honour for me to share the stage with Nick and I was really pleased with the power-noise we summoned from the equipment. Somewhere during the No Man set, Adrian arrived from London and set up his equipment and we transitioned more-or-less seamlessly into the temp0rary set – it was an interesting experiment to go longform with 3 pieces of existing work, and give the music a bit of space to evolve and mutate. We then brought the day to a close with a bit of a free-for-all and a well-earned rum!

I really can’t thank the venue, Grumpy Whiskers and all  of their staff enough for letting us have free rein of the venue for 12 hours, and a huge thank you is also due to all of the bands and spectators – and especially those who transitioned from the latter to the former during the day! We’ve been asked back to run a Bleephaus / Dronehaus event on a regular basis and are currently thinking about what shape that might take in the future, but make no mistake – the future is noisy!

Local noise, global drone

Last week, I read an article about a marvellous event called National Drone Day which was taking place in Canada. As I was sharing it with friends, I changed from wanting to be a spectator at such an event to wanting to run my event, and make Drone Day an international event. A couple of emails later and I had organised DRONEHAUS – 12 hours of drone music in my home town of Cheltenham featuring half a dozen drone acts, many of which are to debut their live performances at the event, and had worked out schematics for a noise box for a BLEEPHAUS: ASSEMBLE! project.

So yeah, at fairly short notice, come to this event that temp0rary will be doing on May 10th – it’s gonna be a crazy day!

More info at the Bleephaus website and the Facebook event page

Underground, overground

Popping out from under the pile of packing crates that represent the geographically small but logistically enormous temp0rary studio and workshop refit, we have a couple of bits of exciting news .

Firstly, we have been invited back to Scotland to work on Bunker Session 2 – this will be happening between 15th – 20th July and will be taking place in multiple bunkers and listening posts. Given what we managed to achieve in 24 hours last time, this is exceptionally exciting for us and we hope to be further developing the look and feel of Bunker Session 1 to incorporate more recordings and music inspired by the experience of being underground.

Secondly, temp0rary have been confirmed for BoomTown Fair festival, which is massively exciting – we will be part of the So Fun Gang and you can find more information here although that will only give you a hint of what to expect if you chance upon us somewhere near Chinatown! BoomTown takes place between 7th – 10th August, we will let you know more details as soon as we know them, but not so many as to give away the element of surprise…

Thirdly, once temp0rary HQ has been retooled to deal with these exciting projects, we will be looking at getting down a few recordings of now and vintage temp0rary material with some special guest performers. We shall let you know when that sees the light of day.

Best [Evolving] temp0rary playlist

temp0rary are a band that focus more on the creative anarchy of live performances than on the elusive (and increasingly pointless) quest to capture the perfect take in the studio. Our feelings on the current state of the music industry can be read here and here.  Since our inception, temp0rary have been a Not For Profit project; our general feeling can be summed up with “if it’s all about the money then it’s not about the art” so we just decided to take the idea of selling our music out of the equation all together, and provide all music under a Creative Commons licence. As such, temp0rary have done away with the notion of having ‘singles’ and ‘albums’.

However, we know people enjoy listening to music outside of music venues and galleries, so we try to record all performances and rehearsals where possible – but, that generates a lot of material. So what we thought we would do is have a continually evolving playlist of our favourite tracks, hence the collection Best [Evolving].

Check back regularly to see what we’ve added. And if you don’t agree with our choices, feel free to have a look at the full archive on Soundcloud and put together your own playlist. All temp0rary tracks are free to download.