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Post Crash Lullabies

Post Crash Lullabies is available here.PCL1 copy

This Easter has been a real tonic – I have rebuilt the studio (again) and set it up in such a way that musical ideas are readily flowing. Within 24 hours I’d taken three sketches and turned them into finished songs, and within another day, I’d got ideas for a bunch more material. I was feeling good about things.

And then it occurred to me that the ability to write music uninterrupted was a real privilege. I may have worked hard for it, but the option to have a couple of weeks off work to just do the thing I love and not worry about having to pay the bills, or where my next meal would come from, is a luxury that a lot of people can’t afford. My ability to create my art without impediment or obstruction is denied to a lot of people, even in this country. This thought somewhat took the wind out of my sails.

Then I got to thinking, what is the purpose of the music that I’m making today? Sure, I’m using this time to learn some pieces of equipment that I haven’t had chance to experiment with, but what will become of the end product? If temp0rary don’t sell music, then what purpose does it serve after it has been created? So, over a particularly pensive mug of tea, I thought about how those thoughts could be reconciled, and decided to create Post Crash Lullabies.

This album is being released via Bandcamp, and whilst you can download it for free just like all other temp0rary music, we are asking people to consider paying a bit towards this album, with all proceeds going to the homeless charity Shelter [ ]. Shelter are doing the good work – helping those who are homeless to catch a break, as well as helping those in danger of losing their home get the support they need to hold things together. In my opinion, we are living in unnecessarily harsh times, and Shelter are an organisation who are helping to redress the balance.

Post Crash Lullabies is a temp0rary album created for the very modern dystopia we are living in right now, just to one side of the all-pervasive shiny screens we distract ourselves with. It was created in a week, and focuses on glitchy textures, granular and swarm synthesis and broken beats, whilst at the same time trying to create some less abrasive melodies and moving away from a dancefloor dynamic. It’s a more reflective body of work, inspired by civil unrest, economic inequality and the environmental changes that we are experiencing, or may encounter in the future.

temp0rary Post Crash Lullabies Released 10-04-2015

1: Antipathy [16232] 9.58
2: From Nowhere [16231] 10.27
3: Once Every Five Years [16238] 8.46
4: The Fuse Is Blown [16238] 7.37
5: Oligarch’s Waltz [16238] 4.57
6: Sabbatical [16232] 7.40

Newspaper image by Andreas Poike [ CC-BY-2.0 ]

Post Crash Lullabies is available here.

Unemployment Benefit

So, temp0rary released our first ‘proper’ ‘album’ , REDUNDANT last week, and by all accounts it was a great evening where, for once, everything seemed to go to plan! We captured some audio and video of the event which we are currently hammering into a shareable format, but for now, here are some photos of the performance from David McKnight:

As we mentioned before, everyone in attendance received a limited edition copy of the album, which also included a unique version of the album assembled from dozens of alternate versions and remixes. All of these will be released 100 days after the show, which is Monday 18th May. They will be available for free download from this site, along with some new additional material and both the live recording of the show itself and the rehearsal session from the week before (which sounds quite different!)

Oddly, this leaves the temp0rary diary completely free for the remainder of the year… at present. We have a couple of possible performance opportunities int he pipeline, and I’ll be organising my wedding over the next few months, plus the studio is now fully functional and ready for us to start putting together some new material. We’ve also got a large concept piece planned for October too.

One Week Notice

10906117_10205693118948993_747492404238846974_nWith less than a week to go, temp0rary HQ is now starting to resemble Olivander’s wand shop as we have spent all weekend putting together the boxed sets for our temp0rary:REDUNDANT album launch this Saturday, 7th February. We have put together fifty unique packages, and each one has a copy of the album, plus a copy of an alternate version of the album, all of which are different. Creating fifty unique albums has been an interesting challenge, but with some support from some as-yet-unnamed remixers and collaborators, the results have been incredible.

The only way to own this album is to be one of the first 50 peopple to buy a ticket for the live performance – tickets are £5 plus booking fee from—album-launch-2pigs-2/ . In accordance with our belief that all of temp0rary’s music should be free, but without wishing to immediately devalue the concept of an album launch, those with the boxed set will have exclusive access to the tracks for 100 days, and are encouraged to trade and share their alternate album versions.

Then, 100 days after release, on May 18th, we will be releasing all of the album versions into the wild with some additional material that we hope to have completed in the meantime. In addition, we will be setting up a ‘remix club’ forum – during this process, one of the interesting by-products was the creation of a small community of artists who were keen to continue working on this material collaboratively and begin to seed new ideas amongst themselves. When we release all of the alternate versions, we will also be making remix packs for the album tracks available int he hope that they will go on some additional sonic adventures without our further guidance.

Over the next few days we will be working on the live show and are hoping it will be the best A/V performance we have done to date, which we intend to capture the audio and video of for additional release. Support comes from the ever-energetic Woosey. Grab your ticket to avoid missing out on this one-off event.

New Years Redundancy

10906117_10205693118948993_747492404238846974_nSome people had a Christmas, I’m told. temp0rary had a few days eating cheese, drinking rum and flying spaceships (Adrian is hooked on Elite: Dangerous, and I’m addicted to FTL) but mostly spent time preparing for our “album launch” this time next month. So far, REDUNDANT is shaping up to be a monster – we outsourced some of our alternate versions to remixers and musicians who for the time being will remain anonymous, and the results have been staggeringly good. In addition, I’m working on some alternate mixes exploring ideas of what temp0rary could have been across an album’s worth of tracks, and the results are very inspiring. Adrian and I have also been scouring the far reaches of the world for extra-special goodies to put in the box bit of the box set, and have come up with a couple of interesting ideas that we think will make the REDUNDANT artefact something worth collecting.

So, onto the selling bit – all of this treasure, a boxed set album and a fantastic A/V show on Saturday 7th February can be yours for just £5 (+ booking fee) and is limited to just 50 seats and 50 albums. In the interests of full disclosure, we might do some on-the door standing-room-only tickets if demand is high, but these will not feature the album so book early to avoid disappointment.

Facebook event:

Buy tickets:—album-launch-2pigs/

Hope to see all of you good people (well, the best 50…) next month.

Redundancy notice

On Saturday, 7th February 2015, temp0rary will be releasing an album.

This sentence is, of course, ridiculous for a number of reasons. Recorded music has no value any more – you don’t have to pay for it and can access it (legally or otherwise) wherever you can get on the internet. temp0rary don’t release music, don’t record albums, and aren’t trying to sell you anything. It’s written into the DNA of who and what we are. It lets us focus on the art without considering the profit margins. All our music is free, and always will be.

Having said that, we really miss the grand gesture, the physical objects, and the ‘party’ bit of release party. We like giving people gifts for continuing to support what we do.

So, on February 7th, temp0rary release something that is REDUNDANT.

We will perform a show to 50 people. Each of those people will receive a package containing 7 songs, all lovingly recorded to a high standard and lavishly packaged for absolutely no reason. These are seven songs that we have gigged extensively over the last 2 years, and which, to all intents and purposes, we intend to retire after this performance so we can work on new projects.

However, no two packages wil be the same. In addition to the lovingly crafted tracks that make up the ‘album’, audience members will also receive a selection of other tracks – alternative versions from another universe. These versions will be radically different takes, origin unknown. Those receiving the packages will be encouraged to trade these tracks with others who received the package. Each will be coded, and by combining codes and collecting tracks, entire alternate versions of the albums can be constructed.

Those who attend the REDUNDANT release will have exclusive access to these tracks for 100 days, after which we will be releasing them all into the wild and revealing the source, authors & codenames for the alternate versions. We will also be making the stems available so anyone who wishes to continue working on the REDUNDANT project can do so.

The performance will take place at The 2 Pigs, Cheltenham, and will be one of our full-on multi-projector and lights extravaganzas with hand-picked support bands. The performance of the 7 songs that make up REDUNDANT will also be captured, and audience members will have exclusive access to recordings of the live performance too, making up an additional component of the REDUNDANT archive.

temp0rary: REDUNDANT. Don’t miss it.

Reflect, Review, Renew, Revive.

And so, temp0rary comes to a gentle stop for the year, in a pile of flightcases, hazardous waste and tangled, bloodied cables. The performance with Thomas John Bacon for Tempting Failure was a pretty extreme end to a pretty extreme year. The performance itself was one of the most intense I’ve ever been involved in and it took a while to decompress afterwards. We’ll have some audio, video and photos to share in the next couple of weeks but listening back to the audio still gives me chills…

Our next task is to start to gather together all the documentary evidence from the last year or so of performances, installations, collaborations and gigs. If you have any photos or video, please send them our way. You can see on the Performances tab that I’m trying to make sense of and catalogue everything that we’ve done of late, and what a complicated task that is. Our hope is that we can then put together a bit of a showreel so we can get ready for 2015.

If you have any suggestions of where you would like to see temp0ray perform next year, or if you would like to work with us on developing an idea for a performance, drop us a line. The more ambitious and unusual the better…


Tempting Failure 2014 v3After a hectic couple of months that have seen us play gigs in festivals, underground nuclear bunkers, cupboards under the stairs and even -gasp!- conventional stages, it would appear that activity in the temp0rary camp is starting to slow down. There’s just one more event in the calendar, a collaboration between performance artist Thomas John Bacon and Lee Chaos for Tempting Failure on Saturday 8th November. We are not intending to book any more shows for 2014, but if anything unrepeatable comes our way we might be coaxed out of hibernation.

This year, we got slightly better at documenting our performances, but not much better at sharing that with people, so our next job on the to-do list is to write up our experiences of Bunker Session II, Boomtown So Fun Takeover, Bleephaus stage at FrogFest and our latest performances at Crux and OxJam, gathering together all the audio, video, photographs and working sketches. We’ll let you know when this is done, but if you’re particularly keen, keep your eye on the Performances tab to see work in progress.

Once that’s done, we bravely move forward, destination unknown. We will be making ourselves available for shows, art projects, collaborations and installations throughout 2015. And in the meantime we might be working on something whilst squrreled away in our caves, but you’ll have to wait and see about that…

Autumnal Activities

So, as the winter nights draw in, things actually get easier for us at temp0rary HQ, as our projectors seem that little bit brighter and there are less offers to go to the pub or park for a cheeky evening sunset pint…

bleephaus frogfestWe’ve lined up an excellent run of performances for the autumn months, so here they are, collected so that we can refer back to them as much as anything… hope to see you at some of these events, there’s a lot of awesome to look forward to.

Saturday 20th September
Bleephaus stage at FrogFest
Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
temp0rary headline set with support from Krugazor, Woosey, Kenji Run, VIRUS Empire, Tragedy Magnet, Party Levitation, The Bluff Chill Account, #CUDDLESQUAD, Ghost Mind, Colossloth and Finn Kelvin.
[More Info Here]

Thursday 16th October
temp0rary at CRUX
T-Chances, Tottenham, London
temp0rary performance with presentation and discussion on working methods and adding audience participation to live work.
[More Info Here]

Saturday 18th October
OxJam Takeover, Cheltenham
Venue to be confirmed.
[More Info Here]

Saturday 8th November
Tempting Failure
The Island, Bristol
Collaborative performance of The Lived Body by Thomas John Bacon and Lee Chaos
[More Info Here]

Harvest Festival

I normally try to update the temp0rary site once a month, but July and August have really run away with us – with Bunker Session II being a wonderful experience again, we moved straight on to our performance at BoomTown fair with the So Fun crew. This was our first festival gig, and as is our standard method of operation, we were wildly over-ambitious, which wasn’t really a problem until it came to getting all the gear off site! The gig itself was a success, although we really didn’t know how the audience would respond to a 4-hour interactive breakbeat based installation… the result was a series of brilliant impropmtu collaborations and unexpected musical adventures that we couldn’t have planned if we’d tried!

Our rig consisted of 8 light-operated sensors (the photosynthesisers) which triggered arpeggios, drum loops and synth sounds, a selection of trigger buttons for sound effects, the return of the EEG brainwave to MIDI arpeggiator and four live microphones (the loopins) which allowed the audience to sing along and for us to grab the best bits for further manipulations. For a festival, we really weren’t expecting much more than a passing interest in what we’d built, but some of those who paid us a visit stuck around for literally hours and added a completely new and unpredictable twist to our performance!


We really can’t thank Jimmy GeneralWaste and the rest of the So Fun crew enough for the opportunity to play this gig and all their help in making our rig work (especially when the storm broke!) – we had an absolute blast and it has taken our work in some interesting new directions.

bleephaus frogfest

Talking of which, the next temp0rary performance will be headlining the Bleephaus stage at FrogFest on Saturday 20th September at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham. Again, I’ve been asked to curate the stage, and have had an opportunity to choose some of my favourite electronic and experimental noise acts. We will be bringing some new toys to play with and also taking the best bits of our Boomtown rig back out to give the audience an interactive grand finale that we hope will be somewhat memorable!

The temp0rary diary then looks fairly quiet for the rest of the year although we will be spending October doing some R&D and checking out some of our favourite bands for inspiration who all seem to be on tour at the same time! Then we’ve got the studio to rebuild, which makes the prospect of actually getting some recordings down slightly more appealing…

Swinging from one lead to another

Just a very quick update as we move from having returned from Bunker Session II in Dundee (which was amazing!) to our work on the set-up for So Fun Gang at BoomTown Festival (we’re performing on the Friday 8th August, doing a takeover from 7-11 on the Friday, come and hunt us down if you’re there!) – we will hopefully be putting up the full video of Saturday’s performance, but in the meantime, here are the audio files – more soon!