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Post Crash Lullabies

Post Crash Lullabies is available here.PCL1 copy

This Easter has been a real tonic – I have rebuilt the studio (again) and set it up in such a way that musical ideas are readily flowing. Within 24 hours I’d taken three sketches and turned them into finished songs, and within another day, I’d got ideas for a bunch more material. I was feeling good about things.

And then it occurred to me that the ability to write music uninterrupted was a real privilege. I may have worked hard for it, but the option to have a couple of weeks off work to just do the thing I love and not worry about having to pay the bills, or where my next meal would come from, is a luxury that a lot of people can’t afford. My ability to create my art without impediment or obstruction is denied to a lot of people, even in this country. This thought somewhat took the wind out of my sails.

Then I got to thinking, what is the purpose of the music that I’m making today? Sure, I’m using this time to learn some pieces of equipment that I haven’t had chance to experiment with, but what will become of the end product? If temp0rary don’t sell music, then what purpose does it serve after it has been created? So, over a particularly pensive mug of tea, I thought about how those thoughts could be reconciled, and decided to create Post Crash Lullabies.

This album is being released via Bandcamp, and whilst you can download it for free just like all other temp0rary music, we are asking people to consider paying a bit towards this album, with all proceeds going to the homeless charity Shelter [ ]. Shelter are doing the good work – helping those who are homeless to catch a break, as well as helping those in danger of losing their home get the support they need to hold things together. In my opinion, we are living in unnecessarily harsh times, and Shelter are an organisation who are helping to redress the balance.

Post Crash Lullabies is a temp0rary album created for the very modern dystopia we are living in right now, just to one side of the all-pervasive shiny screens we distract ourselves with. It was created in a week, and focuses on glitchy textures, granular and swarm synthesis and broken beats, whilst at the same time trying to create some less abrasive melodies and moving away from a dancefloor dynamic. It’s a more reflective body of work, inspired by civil unrest, economic inequality and the environmental changes that we are experiencing, or may encounter in the future.

temp0rary Post Crash Lullabies Released 10-04-2015

1: Antipathy [16232] 9.58
2: From Nowhere [16231] 10.27
3: Once Every Five Years [16238] 8.46
4: The Fuse Is Blown [16238] 7.37
5: Oligarch’s Waltz [16238] 4.57
6: Sabbatical [16232] 7.40

Newspaper image by Andreas Poike [ CC-BY-2.0 ]

Post Crash Lullabies is available here.