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One Week Notice

10906117_10205693118948993_747492404238846974_nWith less than a week to go, temp0rary HQ is now starting to resemble Olivander’s wand shop as we have spent all weekend putting together the boxed sets for our temp0rary:REDUNDANT album launch this Saturday, 7th February. We have put together fifty unique packages, and each one has a copy of the album, plus a copy of an alternate version of the album, all of which are different. Creating fifty unique albums has been an interesting challenge, but with some support from some as-yet-unnamed remixers and collaborators, the results have been incredible.

The only way to own this album is to be one of the first 50 peopple to buy a ticket for the live performance – tickets are £5 plus booking fee from—album-launch-2pigs-2/ . In accordance with our belief that all of temp0rary’s music should be free, but without wishing to immediately devalue the concept of an album launch, those with the boxed set will have exclusive access to the tracks for 100 days, and are encouraged to trade and share their alternate album versions.

Then, 100 days after release, on May 18th, we will be releasing all of the album versions into the wild with some additional material that we hope to have completed in the meantime. In addition, we will be setting up a ‘remix club’ forum – during this process, one of the interesting by-products was the creation of a small community of artists who were keen to continue working on this material collaboratively and begin to seed new ideas amongst themselves. When we release all of the alternate versions, we will also be making remix packs for the album tracks available int he hope that they will go on some additional sonic adventures without our further guidance.

Over the next few days we will be working on the live show and are hoping it will be the best A/V performance we have done to date, which we intend to capture the audio and video of for additional release. Support comes from the ever-energetic Woosey. Grab your ticket to avoid missing out on this one-off event.