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Tempting Failure 2014 v3After a hectic couple of months that have seen us play gigs in festivals, underground nuclear bunkers, cupboards under the stairs and even -gasp!- conventional stages, it would appear that activity in the temp0rary camp is starting to slow down. There’s just one more event in the calendar, a collaboration between performance artist Thomas John Bacon and Lee Chaos for Tempting Failure on Saturday 8th November. We are not intending to book any more shows for 2014, but if anything unrepeatable comes our way we might be coaxed out of hibernation.

This year, we got slightly better at documenting our performances, but not much better at sharing that with people, so our next job on the to-do list is to write up our experiences of Bunker Session II, Boomtown So Fun Takeover, Bleephaus stage at FrogFest and our latest performances at Crux and OxJam, gathering together all the audio, video, photographs and working sketches. We’ll let you know when this is done, but if you’re particularly keen, keep your eye on the Performances tab to see work in progress.

Once that’s done, we bravely move forward, destination unknown. We will be making ourselves available for shows, art projects, collaborations and installations throughout 2015. And in the meantime we might be working on something whilst squrreled away in our caves, but you’ll have to wait and see about that…

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