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No spare capacitance

When most normal, sane people are contemplating booking a couple of weeks on a beach with a long drink and a trashy novel, here at temp0rary HQ, we are pretty much intending to do the exact opposite…

This coming Monday we will be returning to Scotland to immerse ourselves in a selection of bunkers and listening posts for Bunker Session #2 – Once more we will be hoping to stream a live performance based on field recordings, oral history, video and photographic evidence, and live performance. The stream will be broadcast on Saturday 20th July, and details will be forthcoming about how you can tune in and watch.

After that we are heating up the soldering irons and getting ready for our ‘installed performance’ at the mighty Boomtown Festival over the weekend of 7-10 August. We’ve got something really fun and interactive planned for this one that’s taking some of the ideas and tech from previous audience participatory events and re-tooling it specifically for the So Fun Gang in a hidden corner of the festival. If you are attending, be sure to hunt us out!

On the 20th September, we are bringing the Bleephaus stage to the Frog & Fiddle in Cheltenham for the FrogFest weekend and are looking forward to programming a diverse range of noisy electronic acts for your listening pleasure & endurance, as well as working on a grand finale befitting of such a fun local festival.

Also, we have just been added to the line-up for the annual OxJam charity gig in Cheltenham, which will be taking place on Saturday October 18th, venue to be confirmed (and then filled with projections and noise…!)

I feel it’s also only fair to warn you that I have taken delivery of a Moog Theremini and I am not afraid to use it – expect there to be a somewhat Forbidden Planet feel to future temp0rary work until the novelty wears off…



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