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‘Making Of’ documentary; album imminent

It’s all coming together now… yesterday I finally summoned up the courage to shoot the ‘Making Of’ documentary about the recent temp0rary performances & album and demonstrating my current live rig. it’s a little rough round the edges, but for everyone who wanted to see what I was actually doing on the other side of the curtain, here you have it!

The final pieces of the album are being polished and finalised (with some much welcome assistance on mastering by Toby of 55th Flotilla infamy) and the whole thing should be available to download in just a few days.

I’ll be performing with a similar rig on 26th April 2012 in Gloucestershire College Atrium, and after that, I have no more gigs planned but am open to offers. There’s plans afoot to record more tracks over the Summer with Ben from This Is Radio Silence on guitars, provided we can navigate around the Olympics.

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