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Post-gig ponderings

Thorougly enjoyed the most recent performance organised by the SPEC crew on Saturday performing as part of the PIAS fundraising event. Joined onstage by the ever-awesome Ben McLees on guitar (after exactly zero rehearsals since we played together back in February 2010) and featuring a new expanded 2-computer live rig running both music and visuals, and featuring some intentionally temperamental hand-built equipment, the potential for things to go wrong was likely at best.

Despite this, I’m fairly confident we knocked it out of the park with the best temp0rary performance to date. It helped that Galen and Hailstrom played great sets before us as it really raised the bar for me. Totally got into the songs and stretched them into some interesting new shapes, adding live synths and noises and more vocals than before, narrowing the gap between previous temp0rary performances and old Chaos Engine shows. Couldn’t be happier. The day was rounded off with some great shows from Woosey, Brown Torpedo and Longstone too – I’m lucky to live here.

So yet again Ben and I pledged not to leave it so long until the next show or recording… only I think we mean it this time…

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