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Forthcoming gigs & stuff

Been a long time since I updated this – oops. Lots going on, the vast majority of which will feed nicely into temp0rary stuff, so that’s good. Just finished work on a new Xykogen album which was, frankly, a game-changing experience.

I’ve been asked to do a gig at the wonderful SPEC on 1st September… I think. I’d had a couple of beers, so I’ll need to get that confirmed, but if it’s a go, then I’m very excited. I’m also trying to squeeze in something before that which is a little different in an insanely cool venue. Half a plan for that to be a temp0rary gig of sorts too.

I completed 2 tracks for compilatiions recently, one is out already on a compilation for Sendai Japan Tsunami Relief – it’s by far the best thing I’ve done to date with temp0rary, so pick it up if you can. The other track is for a copmilation for Zero State who I’m hoping to be more involved with in the coming months.

I also keep forgetting that there’s a free double-album of temp0rary stuff for download which I completed during one of those snowed-in days, so if you’re new to this, that’s a good place to jump on. I’ll be putting more music up as & when it seems like a good idea. no plans to sell any of this, unless it’s for a good cause.

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