Show With No Name

swnn1The Show With No Name started broadcasting by accident on 5th August 2008 when Lee dropped into StroudFM Community Radio station looking for work experience opportunities for his students and ended up being talked into presenting. With co-promoter Charlie Anti-Girl, The Show With No Name broadcast every Tuesday for nearly 2 years on FM radio and the internat and gained a loyal global following.


The show featured a worryingly eclectic mix of music ranging from 1950’s swing music to power electronics, celebrity news and gossip, and memorable low-budget features such as ‘Charlie’s Time Tunnel’ ‘It’s Russel!’ ‘The Tuesday Mash’ and ‘Hair Combs The 80’s’. It also featured interviews with Martin Atkins (PIL, Nine Inch Nails, Invisible Records) and Rodney Orpheus (Cassandra Complex).


Almost all of the 90 shows are archived at the Show With No Name website.

 Website: Show With No Name