Chaos Engine

Chaos EngineThe Chaos Engine were an industrial pop band that existed from December 1993 until March 2007. They played hundreds of gigs in the UK, hit stages in Europe, North America and Australia, and released 3 full length albums & one album-length single.


Since The Chaos Engine are now permanently retired, all previously released Chaos Engine music is now being released for free, under a Creative Commons licence. There is an onging project to create a Chaos Engine Museum to collect together archive footage, recordings, photographs and reviews.


“The Chaos Engine are exceptional…imagine Depeche Mode being given a once-over by Godflesh and you’ll have an idea of their bizarre vision…definitely to be encouraged”
-Kerrang! Magazine

“Boasting a new female bassist, and with singer Lee’s voice stronger than ever, The Chaos Engine’s set slaps everyone in the face. Good songs, tightly executed, with vocals to rip your heart out”
-8/10, Metal Hammer review of LA2 gig

“How much do we love The Chaos Engine? Loads and loads. Forget what you’ve been told about VAST or Add N to (X) or anything else, dammit, this is the album you wanna be buying…The sheer amount of fantastic songs on offer here is endless – Christ knows what they’re gonna pull out of their hat to top this on their next album. The order of Chaos welcomes you”
– Fashionably Unhip magazine

“Fun, crunchy goth-rock. They cover Kim Wilde *and* Motorhead on the same disc. Woo hoo!”
– StarVox, voted #6 in staff top 10 of 2000

“There are some excellent tracks on this CD…Chaos Engine are on hell of an in-your-face industrial band (with) Lee doing vocals as well as keyboards (I’m still wondering how his voice stands up to the punishment he gives it), Huw providing some wizardry on guitar and Kelly doing things to a bass that makes my eyes water and my tongue hang out!”
– Loki, Meltdown magazine

“The second album of the British Chaos Engine is a very personal piece of music. Approaching a new century, the seem to intermix several styles of the contemporary alternative music. The mixture of electro with industrial with gothic and a heavy rock approach are maybe an introduction for what could become alternative music after the millennium…this is open minded music from the alternative border!”
-Side-Line magazine

“It’s a real pleasure to hear such a fat bass sound these days. Doubtless the floor-shaking vibes come courtesy of some sneaky digital manipulation, and judging by the solid grooves elsewhere, this technological approach is Chaos Engine’s raison d’être. This is Sub-industrial techno-rock borrowing heavily from a number of pioneering acts but easily bringing to mind the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Pitchshifter. Despite a lack of lyric sheet, this sounds articulate, and most importantly, melodic in all the right places.”
-Metal Hammer

“…a superb frontman who didn’t stay in one place for very long and who was able to sing and growl both to real effect. When they have songs with such lyrics as “kill your boss – quit your job – get a life, this is not a rehearsal” and song titles such as ‘Nonconformer’ you know where they’re coming from…with strobes and flashing messages on a backdrop, I have to admit being very impressed with their entire audio and visual performance.”
– Rhythm & Booze magazine

“The Chaos Engine are nothing short of amazing…The album I have to say is one of the best I’ve heard in the last few years, combining an industrial-techno beat with sinewy punk/goth guitars and intelligent lyrics with great samples interwoven with swathes of keyboard noise…The Chaos Engine are the band The Prodigy strive to be.”
-Eaten Alive magazine

“The Chaos Engine are not just good but mind-blowingly good infact…the band pull together the best industrial sounds and mix them with classic pop to produce a totally fantastic end result. They are incredibly diverse, mainly because most industrial bands whimper at the thought of combining their harsh, grinding sound with – of all things – memorable melodies and lyrics. That’s what this album does – it’s hard and uncompromising sound goes arm in bionic arm with really good song-writing”
-Judas Kiss Magazine



DIFFICULT V1.0 CDLP(now deleted) (Street Culture)

DIFFICULT V2.0 CDLP (Street Culture)





(includes 2 tracks by The Chaos Engine)


 Website: The Chaos Engine Museum