temp0rary by Sean Gummer 2013

Lee Chaos and Adrian Giddings are currently performing and creating installations as temp0rary – a live A/V project that operates on the outer edge of the fields of improvised electronic music incorporating audience participation, theatre, circuit bending, multi-screen projection mapping, hand-built synthesisers and repurposed computer game hardware.

Although temp0rary are inspired by audiovisual artists such as Bjork, Chris Cunningham, Orbital and Sigur Ros, recent performances have taken cues from a mutual love of immersive theatre performances by companies such as PunchDrunk, Shunt, Invisible Circus and Foolish People. temp0rary are not afraid to break the boundaries between artist and audience, and see what happens when the performers let go of the controls.

Recent temp0rary performances have used a wide range of hacked and hand-built technology to read everything from audience proximity and light levels to EEG brain waves, translating the data into music, visuals, vibrations, sounds and light to create biofeedback loops between performers and audience.

temp0rary by Sean Gummer 2013 2

temp0rary are looking to stage performances and installations both in conventional music venues and unconventional performance spaces in 2014 with experiments and performances to include the use of motion-sensing hardware, multiple projector setups, surround and binaural audio, audience participation through a range of bespoke sensor equipment, and MIDI-generated 3D software environments.

Lee Chaostemp0rary by Sean Gummer 2013 3
Lee Chaos has been working with electronic music for 25 years and has always had an interest in pushing the boundaries of performance. From his initial work with DIY synthpunk band The Chaos Engine and the artist-led Wasp Factory Recordings label, Lee has staged events that were often too big to be contained on the stage and featured early experiments with projections, circus performers, theatre and roaming musicians. Lee then extended this approach to club promotion and DJ work, launching Judder!, a monthly themed evening that experiments in blurring the edges between a club night and immersive theatre experience. Lee currently lectures Music Technology and Performance at Gloucestershire College, specialising in adaptive technologies.

Adrian Giddings
Adrian Giddings is a designer and multidisciplinary artist focussing on time-based media and book arts. Installations at the open air, pop-up Hoxton Square Gallery have seen him build a puppet theatre, suggest the removal of a public fountain using flash photography and temporarily annex parks worldwide. Collaborative works include Fiat Lux, one of the first combinations of light writing and live video projection which debuted at the V for Venice International Electronic Music And Media Arts Festival in 2008, and most recently, with Richard Gallon, Kerosene an artists’ book that has been purchased for the Tate Library collection.

Website: temp0rary