Sorry I’m late, miss…

The more observant of you will have noticed that I didn’t manage to hit my Sunday deadline for a blog post this week, for lots of reasons… which will make up my blog post this week.

preservation-201x300Almost all weekend I’ve been preparing music for our performance at The Wilson Art Gallery takeover, called PRESERVATION which is on this Saturday (18th June) from 6-10pm (free entry). I’ll be performing a temp0rary set with Adrian Giddings – and as is our way, what started off as a small-scale, straightforward event soon spiralled out of control.

The idea of temp0rary was to be a ‘band’ in the loosest sense that did A/V performances where it would be impossible to put on the same show twice, were every element was constructed live, and which could respond to the audience – even allowing them to take control of the show at points. We’ve performed our own shows and done some incredible collaborations with other artists in all creative fields. The show for PRESERVATION, called Suggestion Box, is actually a prelude to a working method we hope to expand in a later work, but the premise is that we will be taking audience feedback and recommendations for the direction of the visuals and music *as we perform it*. I have no idea what will happen, but in preparation, I revisited some of the previous temp0rary tracks, nearly 30 of them, and have been hammering them into a shape were they can be performed all together as a single piece of metamorphosizing work. Should be interesting…

Alongside this work, my wife and I have been popping along to events at Cheltenham Science Festival most evenings, which is a great way to keep the grey matter ticking over. I love the festivals we have locally, and the science festival may well be my favourite – I’m particularly fond of the ‘communicators’ ethic as typified by FameLab, which we saw the final of – I think it sets and excellent example of how dynamic and fun education can, and indeed, should be. Maybe we could have a similar thing for music?

So I was hoping to catch up on the blog on Monday, but I had my final music leader training session with Phil Mullen at BPM in Bristol. These sessions have been absolutely outstanding, and once more I came away with a head full of new ides, best practice, and ambitions to be a better musician and leader in future. This week we were talking about progression, and it reinforced some of my beliefs that music ought not to be seen as a ‘treat subject’, to be offered to students if they do their spelling and sums, with the threat of removal for bad behaviour. I learned about a lot of ongoing research on how music helps people to develop important interpersonal, emotional and cognitive intelligences, and it strengthened my resolve to go out, change lives and blow minds.

And in between the gaps I have been keeping the plates spinning for my Mix & Mash summer school as part of the Of Course We Can programme, preparing the performances (multiple; four at last count…) for the Cheltenham Music Festival between 9th & 16th July, and marking late work from tardy students. Anyway I’ve got 2 blog posts all sketched out for next time, one about the financial side of being a freelance music leader, and another with some thoughts about a piece of homework I did for Phil about the skills you need to be a community musician. That’s if I don’t fall asleep between now and then…

preservation-201x300Saturday 18th June, 6pm – 10pm
‘PRESERVATION’ – The Wilson Art Gallery Takeover
temp0rary performing ‘Suggestion Box’ – a long-form silent disco performance with audience interaction
Wilson Art Gallery, Cheltenham
Free Entry

Saturday 9th July (Time TBC)
The Great Gamelan Experiment
Performing with a gamelan orchestra and live electronics
Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham, as part of Cheltenham Music Festival
Free Entry

Sunday 10th July (Time TBC)
Live Electronic Music show & tell
Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham, as part of Cheltenham Music Festival
Free Entry


Saturday 16th July, 7.30 – 10.30pm
Sunset Lumiere
temp0rary performing a full A/V set with very special guests TBC
Skillicorne Gardens (next to Imperial Gardens), Cheltenham, as part of Cheltenham Music Festival
Free Entry

Sunday July 31st, 6pm
Dali Males
Performing improvised electronics as part of Vinestock Festival 2016
The Vine, Cheltenham
Free Entry

mixandmash2016Monday August 8th – Friday August 12th
Mix & Mash summer school
Friendship Café, Gloucester
£55 for 5 days
See The Music Works website for details