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Judder News, 20/8/14



Good day to you, Judder crew!

Apologies for the delay in communication – we’ve been very buys bees behind the scenes at Judder HQ, working hard and playing harder! Thanks to everyone who came out to JUDDER – THE MUSICAL! at the beginning of the month – it was our busiest Judder of the year and the dancefloors were really going for it all night! Guest DJ Ian DeadPunkBoy played two absolutely banging sets, and the atmosphere was wonderful from start to end – the photos and setlists are up at to help you remember what a banging evening it was!

Your next chance to Judder will be our JUDDER UNDER CONSTRUCTION on Friday 5th September – come and help us build a brilliant club night! Discount entry of £3 all night if dressed as a construction worker, builder, plumber or any other trades person! Our guest DJ will be [rebelbrethren] who we are delighted to have back on the decks again, and we will also be celebrating Jack Daniels’ birthday, with JD being just £1.40 a shot all night! There will be treats for early birds so turn up nice and early to max out your Judder experience!

Also keep an eye open for our new Judder Facebook page – we’ll be keeping the We Love Judder group running but hopefully you’ll now be able to tag Judder so that people will know where you’ve been having all the fun and come & join us!

Hope to see you all soon!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 7/7/14



Judder News, 11/6/14



Hey there, independent-thinking Judderers!

We’ve just made it back from the 70’s where we can report that our COP SHOW JUDDER was one of the moust fun
and messy nights of the year! Aviators and stick-on moustaches were in full effect, and despite the absence
of our resident DJ KungpAu (covered by a heroic 5-hour set from Aces High!) the night was rocking from dusk
til dawn! Big thanks to DJs from Shenanigans who helped to spice things up too. We’re really looking forward
to seeing the photos for this one, and will be sure to add the to the gallery and Judder Facebook
as soon as they arrive!

So, your next chance to Judder is on July 4th – and we decided to make the most of the date and hold our
first Independence Day Judder! Yes, JUDDER needs YOU!! So join us in your finest stars and stripes regalia,
or dress as a freedom fighter, ready to see off a threat of your own (be it earth-bound or extra-
terrestrial..!)! We will be joined on the decks by our guest DJ for the night, The VIRUS Empire, and should
be back to full numbers on the downstairs floor. Remember, entry is just £3 all night if in fancy dress and there will be treats for early birds!

And if you can’t wait until then, why not pop along to our next Bleephaus event at Grumpy Whiskers in
Cheltenham on Saturday 21 June – it’s free entry and features performances from Brown Torpedo, Kenji Run and
Krugazor – all of whom have been guest DJs at Judder in the past! More info here.

Right, see you in a couple of weeks, my freedom fighters!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 7/5/14


Good afternoon, law-abiding citizens of Judder!

Well we’ve made it back from the dark ages, and can report that our medieval Judder crew sure know how to party! It was a most splandid evening resplendent with gallant knights, comely wenches, a full troupe of jesters and many other miscreants, all intent on partying like it was 1199! Thanks to DJ Crispygoth who played two splendid sets of banging tunes, and a special whoop to our resident DJ KungpAu for bringing the mead for the early birds. I am particularly looking forward to the official photos from this one as some of the costumes were spectucalar, and as usual there are a handful of photos on the Judder Facebook already with more to be added to the gallery soon.

So, it’s quite a gap until our next event, which is our 70’s COP SHOW JUDDER on Friday June 6th – plenty of time to dig out the mirrored aviators, grow that handlebar moustache you’ve always wanted, and polish your badge! Entry is just £3 in fancy dress, and we are joined buy guest DJs from Shenanigans in London, so the night is sure to be a party like none other!

If that seems like a long time to wait, then come and join some of the Judder regulars at DRONEHAUS this Saturday 10th May at Grumpy Whiskers in Cheltenham, where I will be joined by a wide and varied selection of noisy musicians for 12 hours of drone music to celebrate International Drone Day. Entry is free and the waffles are delicious! More info here:

Right, I’m off down the gun range to get ready to strike fear into the hearts of the perps and felons – see you on 6th June!

Lee Chaos

Judder news, 9/4/14


Good day my lords and ladies of Juddershire!

We have returned from the wilderness of Judders past, and can report that our previous Children’s Television Judder was a thing of confusing beauty! There were some spectucular, inspired and just plain wrong costumes, guest DJ Mark13 blew the roof off with a couple of banging guest DJ sets and the dancefloors were full of smiling faces. It truly felt like spring had sprung with a real festival vibe in the courtyard too! There are a few photos in the gallery with more to come soon..

So, it’s time to look forward to our next Judder which is not so far away… on Friday May 2nd we bring you MEDIEVAL JUDDER! We’ve got some real treats lined up for this one, and we’ll be joined by guest DJ Crispygoth of Batfink & Collision infamy from Sheffield. It’s just £3 entry all night if you’re dressed as a knight, jester, king, queen, buxom wench or swarth sell-sword, so polish up your armour, don your hose and join us for a night of medieval debauchery, wassailing and ales aplenty!

See you soon, my loyal servants of the court of Judder!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 11/3/14



Good day to you, Juddering boys and girls!

Hope you are enjoying the unexpectedly cheerful weather! At Judder HQ we are certainly thankful for a bit of sunshine, and it certainly helped make our Time Travel Judder such a roaring success on Friday! The atmosphere was brilliant from the moment we opened the doors, both dancefloors were full of enthusiastic revelers, guest DJs Gitzy and Squeaky from Dystopia played a couple of brilliant sets, and the courtyard – Judder’s secret weapon – had a real festival vibe all night! We’ll be gathering together a few snaps of the night soon (to be honest I was busy having so much fun I forgot about my camera!), and will be sharing the official pics from Michelle as soon as they arrive – let us know if you have any to share in the meantime and you could win free entry to Judder!

If only there were some way to go back and do it all again..! In the absence of a time machine, let’s look forward to our next Judder, and yet again, it’s just a short 4-week gap until our next one, which will be CHILDREN’S TELEVISION JUDDER on Friday April 4th. There’s plenty of scope to go crazy with the costumes on this one and earn yourself entry for just £3, there will be treats for early birds, and our guest DJ will be the return of the mighty Mark13 from London’s Negative Creep & Monster Truck – banging!

Until next time, be good boys & girls and see you on the 4th April!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 14/2/14


Good day, Judder lovers,

Happy Valentine’s day from Judder HQ! Hope you are having a day filled with loveliness! We are still all dreamy from our fiest Judder of 2014 last week, our Goblin King’s Ball, which was a phenomenal start to the year! There were some truly exquisite costumes and masks, and despite some pretty gnarly weather the atmosphere was warm and wonderful! Guest DJ Kenji Run played 2 sets of awesome 80’s styled electro, and both dancefloors were swinging before the witching hour, just how we like it! There are a handful of snaps on the Judder website gallery, and we are expecting our resident photographer Michelle to drop hers with us any day, but if you have any photos you’d like to share with the Judder massive, then drop us a line and you could win free entry for next month!

So, the good thing about February being a short little month is that our next Judder is going to be with us in next to no time – on Friday 4th March it’s our TIME TRAVEL JUDDER with guest DJs Gitzy and Squeaky from Birmingham’s popular Dystopia club night! So dig out those old Judder costumes from a bygone era and come dressed as anyone from the past, present or future, or any other famous time traveller, and get in for just £3 all night!

May your day be full of romance, love or whatever else turns you on… ;) See you on 7th March!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 10/1/14


Hey there Judderers!

Firstly a very happy new year from all at Judder HQ! We hope Christmas and the new year were awesome for you all. We are just coming out of hibernation and preparing ourselves for a new year jam-packed full of Juddery treats and awesome nights for you in 2014. Over the Christmas period we got our thinking caps on for you and this year we are bringing you some of the best themes, guest DJs and drinks promos to ensure that Judder is your one night out a month whenre you can count on having a kickass time every time!

First up we are brushing off the cobwebs on Friday 7th February with our Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball where we are joined on the decks by our international superstar guest DJ Kenji Run. Entry is only £3 if you are dressed ready for the ball and we will be bullying the best drinks offers out of the 2 Pigs to make sure we provide the best value night in town.

And if you were given a shiny new diary for Christmas, here are the rest of the dates for your diary to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!:

Friday 7th FEBRUARY
Goblin King Masquerade Judder
Guest DJ Kenji Run

Friday 7th MARCH
Time Travel Judder
Guest DJ Gitzy (Dystopia, Birmingham)

Friday 4th APRIL
Children’s Television Judder
Guest DJ Mark13 (Strength Through Joy / Negative Creep, London)

Friday 2nd MAY
Medieval Judder
Guest DJ Crispygoth (Collision, Sheffield)

Friday 6th JUNE
Cop show Judder
Guest DJ TBC

Friday 4th JULY
Independence Day Judder
Guest DJ The VIRUS Empire

Friday 1st AUGUST
Judder The Musical
Guest DJ Ian Deadpunkboy (Psycho:Drama, Bristol)

Friday 5th SEPTEMBER
Construction Judder
Guest DJ Dave Markham

Friday 3rd OCTOBER
Cowboy Judder
Guest DJ Miss Glitch

Friday 31st OCTOBER
Judder’s Halloween Spectacular
Guest DJ TBC

Friday 5th DECEMBER
Judder’s Disco Christmas
Guest DJs Victoria & Dan (TRON, Brimingham)

Look forward to seeing you for the first Judder of the year of 2014 on Friday 7th February!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 12/12/13

Thank you for a Judder-ful 2013!
Marry Christmas and a happy new year!

Judder News, 13/11/13


Hey there team Judder!

Well, I genuinely don’t know where to start… I’m still reeling after the impact of JUDDER’S HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR which truly lived up to its name – it was our busiest Judder since record began, and the atmosphere & costumes were simply incredible! I had such an amazing night ad was delighted both by all the old faces who came out to party and all the new recruits who joined us. It really was just one huge party from the moment the doors opened until we finished at 4am! Huge thanks to DJ Smogo for playing 2 blinding sets, which he has kindly recorded for posterity and which can be found here:

As you’d expect, there are loads of great photos appearing already, and I have the first 200 (!!) on the Judder Facebook and in the Judder website gallery for your entertainment and delight. We are still expecting a bunch more from Michelle, our roving photographer par excellence – but if you have any photographs you’d like to share, you could win free entry to the next Judder! Just get in touch with us via the Facebook group, share and win!

And so, we have one more Judder left this year, and we plan to go out in swashbuckling santa style as we unleash our PIRATE CHRISTMAS JUDDER on Friday December 6th! There will be drinks offers aplenty, and xmas treats for all the naughty and nice girls and boys, and it’s just £3 entry if dressed as a pirate, in Christmas fancy dress, or a mash-up of both! Make sure you invite all your friends from Halloween and let’s see the year out in style!

If you can’t wait that long, then why not pop along to the Guildhall in Gloucester this Friday 15th November where I will be playing a special warm-up DJ set supporting Dreadzone. Should be a banging night out!

Oh, and keep your diary handy as we are about to announce the dates and themes for 2014 too!

See you soon!

Lee Chaos


Judder News, 6/11/13


Hey Judder Crew!

Just a quick note to say that there is a BIG update on its way with all the photos of the AMAZING costumes from JUDDER’S HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR – however, I’m a little behind as I will be DJing opening for The Orb at Gloucester Guildhall tonight (Wednesday 6th November)! Come along and say hello! If all is well I shall have some photos of the mayhem for you on Friday!

Lee Chaos


Judder News, 8/10/13


Hey there team Judder!

So, did you survive our post-apocalypse Judder on Friday? I think I just about managed to scrape through with all the other respirator-wearing gun-toting survivalists, and at least we had a kick-ass soundtrack to go with it courtesy of guest DJ Traumahound and our hard-working residents. The first few photos from the end of the world are online, and we are keenly anticipating a load more from Michelle, Judder’s in-house photo wiz, so keep an eye on the gallery!

Next up is the undisputed highlight of the calendar for us at Judder HQ – our Halloween Spectacular on Friday November 1st. Yet again we will be spending the week decorating the venue in full haunted house style, filling it with tricks and treats for you all. This year we are also opening an hour earlier *and* staying open an hour later, so for just £5 you get to party from 9pm – 4am, plus we’ll be doing shots for early birds, there’s a Hobloblin giveaway all night, and there will be offers on our new favourite cocktail, the MONSTER JAGER MEGABOMB!! Guest DJ for the night will be the return of DJ Smogo from Brighton, so start planning your costume and get ready for the best Halloween party in town!

If you’re looking for something to do between nown & then, I’m running a one-off night at the 2 Pigs this Friday, 11th October called BLEEPHAUS:ASSEMBLE! for anyone who is interested in building or hacking their own synths. It’s just £2 to get in, or £5 for a build-your-own synth kit, so pop along and make some noise! More info here:!/events/520520561367596/

See all you lovable horrors soon!

Lee Chaos


Judder News, 10/9/13


Hey there Judder survivors!

We’re back from the future after a bang-tidy Robots Aliens and Astronauts Judder that saw me consume rather too much Jack Daniels’ and prance around in my best space-suit in a manner that made me wish the camera had never been invented! So far I’ve been lucky and avoided being photographed (although there are some great photos up online already) although I suspect that won’t last… Big thanks to Zaphod and Febs for emergency guest DJ duties and playing a couple of diverse sets featuring stuff I don’t think I’ve heard at Judder before (which really takes some doing..!). More photos coming soon, and if you have any to share, get in touch and you could win free entry to the next Judder!

On the subject of which, we’ll be preparing for the end of the world as we stage our POST APOCALYPSE JUDDER on Friday October 4th, so come dressed as Tank Girl, Mad Max or any other survivor and you’ll get discount entry. Plus our guest DJ is the return of the ever-marvellous DJ Traumahound so it’s already shaping up to be one of those atomic evenings!

If you can’t wait that long, there’s a couple of events to fill the void as my electronics side-project called temp0rary play 2 gigs in September, firstly this Friday 13th September at the 2 Pigs with support from Kenji Run, Hippy Milne and Cheyne Stokes, and then collaborating with the ever-angular Brown Torpedo headlining the Agent stage at FrogFest on the 20th September at the Frog & Fiddle.

Too busy for the world to end – see you soon!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 6/8/13

Gloucester – FRIDAY AUGUST 16th
Cheltenham – FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6th

Greetings Judder space cadets!

I think we can declare that experiment a raging success! Our JUDDER FOR SCIENCE was loads of fun with 2 banging sets from DJ Stodge (which you can catch on Soundcloud ), some awesome costumes, plenty of experimenting with our state-of-the-art eBay microscopes and a brilliant atmosphere all night! There are some truly fantiastic photos from our new resident photographer Michelle Midwinter up in the Judder gallery, along with some snaps from Charlie and myself that really capture the mayhem of the night!

So, our next Judder proper is Friday 6th September, which is our ROBOTS, ALIENS & ASTRONAUTS JUDDER with Guest DJ Miss Glitch joining us on the decks – as usual there will be free shots for early birds, and discount entry for all futuristic space dwellers, so get out your sparkly pants, don your tinfoil hat and join us for a night that’s sure to be out of this world!

And if you can’t wait that long, then don’t despair – we’re adding an extra Judder adventure to the calendar to make the most of the long summer nights! Yes, on Friday 16th August, we will be returning to Cafe Rene in Gloucester for another takeover night – the last one was off-the-hook crazy, and we’re very much looking forward to bringing the Judder arty vibe back to Gloucester again. See for more info

Still not enough for you? Well that’s okay, as I’m also doing a guest DJ slot at Shenanigans in London on Saturday August 31st. Very miuch looking forward to bringing all of the random with me for this one! More info at

Right, that’s me done for now – look forward to seeing you lovable crazies real soon!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 10/7/13


Hey there Judder crew,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer now its had the good grace to show itself! And what a way to see in the summer our VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK JUDDER was! We were concerned that the heat might have stopped people strapping themselves into their corsets and donning their top hats, but we needn’t have worried – there were some *spectacular* costumes and outfits in attendance! I’ve already put my photos on the Judder website gallery, and there are more to come – and remember, if you share your pics with us you can get on the guestlist for our next Judder! Oh and whilst I remember, *huge* thanks to Matt Clanky from Kenji Run for stepping in and guest DJ-ing for us at short notice – he did an amazing job and we’ll be seeing him again in 2014!

So, looking forward, we’ve got not one, not two, but THREE chances for you to get on the Judder bus in August!

Firstly, Friday August 2nd is our JUDDER FOR SCIENCE!! with he return of popular guest DJ Stodge. We’ll be making sure there are plenty of things for you to experiment with, so dust off your lab coats – it’s reduced entry all night for mad scientists and any of their evil creations!

Then, on Friday 16th August, we return to Cafe Rene in Gloucester for another night of Judder on tour mayhem – the last time we did this was one of the best party atmospheres I’ve experienced as a guest DJ, so I’m really looking forward to bringing the madness back to the depths of Gloucester!

And then, on Saturday 31st August, I’ll be guest DJing at Shenanigans at Canal 125 in London with loads of other great DJs who know how to party! The theme is ‘One of our Dinosaurs is Missing’, so dinosaurs and cavement and women get extra love! More info can be found here:!/events/278767855596152/

If that’s not enough for you (!!) then my electronic A/V band are also doing 2 gigs in August too – headlining SwanFest at the Swan in Cheltenham on Saturday 3rd August (yes, I *know* it’s the day after Judder..!) and performing a large-scale collaborative installation piece with performance artist Kate Spence at The Wig in Birmingham on Friday 23rd August. See for details.

Have a good summer and hope to see you for fun times soon!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 10/6/13

FRIDAY JULY 5th 2013

Good day, distinguished Juddering ladies and Gentlemen!

Well, I’ve just about managed to wash the last bits of my costume off from what was an absolutely outstanding Comic Book Judder to celebrate our 10th Birthday! The evening was enormous fun from the moment we opened the doors and were mobbed by superheroes, partying right through until the very end with us! Huge thanks to the guys from Mostly Harmless, to Kitty Ribbons for the super-hot Catwoman burlesque performance, and of course to everyone who came and joined us, especially those who made an effort with awesome costumes and alter-egos! There are loads of photos up in the Judder gallery, and if you have more to share you can earn yourself free entry to July’s Judder!

Our next Judder will be on Friday 5th July, and by popular demand it’s the return of our Victorian Steampunk Judder! So tighten up your corsetry, polish your blunderbuss and join us for some adventures in an alternative future of busty damsels and moustachio’d exporers! Joining us on the decks will be the ever-popular DJ Fox, and we’ll be cranking out some special drinks offers for you too!

We’re also pleased to announce that on Friday 16th August, Judder have been invited to once again take over Cafe Rene in Gloucester for another night of anything goes mayhem (and we really *do* mean it – the last one was properly bonkers!) So come and see us out of our natural habitat, confusing and entertaining the good folk of Gloucester town!

Fare thee well until our next adventure!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 9/5/13

FRIDAY JUNE 7th 2013

Greetings Judder lovers!

The Force was strong in that one! I’m still reeling from a fantastic STAR WARS JUDDER which had some of our best costumes and over-excited dancefloors of the year! The Light Sabre battles were particularly spectacular, and big thanks go to emergency DJ Kattallica for bringing an hour of filthy banging noise to the upstairs dancefloor! Photos are now up on the Judder site, and remember that you can get free entry next month if you share any of your own pictures for use in our gallery!

Our next Judder is an extra-spacial one, as we celebrate Judder’s 10th birthday with our COMIC BOOK JUDDER on Friday 7th June! There will be lots of additional giveaways for this event, and we are joined by the always-lovely and ever-random guest DJs from Norwich’s own Mostly Harmless! So it’s time to unlock your super-powers, wear your Y-fronts on the outside and join the biggest party this side of Krypton!

Look forward to seeing you all for our big party on the 7th June!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 12/4/13

FRIDAY MAY 3rd 2013

Hey there Judder Rebels,

Well, it’s been a while but I think I am now all better after the zombie apocalypse… took a while to stop feeling like the living dead, mind you! The last Judder rocked very hard indeed with a wide and varied selection of reanimated members of society, all soundtracked by some very fine tunes, most notably a couple of banging sets from guest DJ M B Lanyon. Photos are now up on the Judder site, and remember that you can get free entry next month if you share any of your own pictures for use in our gallery!

So now we look forward – or rather, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away… on Friday 3rd May we will be holding our STAR WARS JUDDER! – and we’re delighted to be joined by Geoff Echo of Modulate and Mutate / Wendyhouse fame. There will be drinks promos and giveaways all night, and entry is just £3 if dressed as any Star Wars character, so dust off your light sabre, release your inner wookiee and represent the Empire or Rebels for a night of interstellar awesomeness!

May the, uh, Third be with you!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 8/3/13


Hey there team Judder!

we trust you are keeping well, and are fully rested after our VIDEO GAMES JUDDER last week! You lot properly 1-upped the costumes and were in a real party mood, filling the dancefloor and getting all over our old games consoles from the moment we opened the doors! Huge thanks to Dr. J for guest DJ duties and bringing us 2 slamming sets! Photos are up in the Judder website gallery and on Facebook but I’m sure we missed some of the brilliant outfits, so if you have more photos to share, please send them our way and you could win free entry to the next Judder!

Talking of which, the next date in the diary is Friday 5th May for our ZOMBIE OUTBREAK JUDDER when we predict the dead shall roam the earth once more! Bringing the necromantic beats will be our guest DJ M B Lanyon, there will be free shots for early birds, sweets, treats and surprises aplenty so come and join us to party like the world is about to end!

And for those of youwanting to make it into a big weekender, the next day, my electronic A/V band are performing a one-off never to be repeated performance as headliners at the Tempting Failure festival in Bristol which is shaping up to be an unforgettable evening of outsider art and performance. Info and tickets available here.

That’s all for now, look forward to seeing you soon, alive or undead!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 2/2/13


Hey there Judder-folk!

Well, that was a splendid way to see in the new Year! Our first Judder of 2013 sure blew the dust off and seemed to get you all out of hibernation! We had a great night, with guest DJ Dan Cooper (and some mysterious man in a cape) throwing down some brutal tunes and the party atmosphere continuing until the wee small hours! Photos will be forthcoming, so keep your eyes out for those soon!

Right, there’s only the tiny month of February to get through until we get to do it all again for our VIDEO GAMES JUDDER on 1st March – we will be joined by guest DJ Dr. J who had the place jumping last time he came to visit, and as ever, entry is just £3 all night if you come dressed up, this time as your favourite video game character! We’ll also be dusting off some of thos classic consoles to keep you entertained between trips to the dancefloor and the bar!

Until next time, look forward to levelling-up with y’all then!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 23/1/13


Happy New Year fellow Judderers!

Hope you are keeping warm and safe and enjoying the delights of 2013 so far! Well, it’s almost time to come out of hibernation, and have we got the perfect event to warm the cockles of your heart and thaw out your frosty nether regions!

On Friday 1st February we begin a year-long celebration as Judder enters its 10th year of madness and we kick off 2013 in true style with our JUDDER VALENTINES MASQUERADE BALL! Our residents are joined by guest DJ Dan Cooper of Brown Torpedo and Pineal Reverie infamy! It’s just £3 entry all night if you’re dressed for the ball and/or wearing a mask, there’s a free shot for early birds, and there are special offers on Captain Morgan’s Rum & WKD big jugs all night!

Than we roll into 2013 bringing you the best guest DJs in the history of Judder and a selection of awesome themes as chosen by you faithful Judder-goers in our 2012 survey, so get these dates in your diary! We’ll be going overboard on the décor, special treats and other random going-ons, and we’ve got ourselves a spangly new laser we can’t wait to show you, so come on down for your monthly dose of mayhem!

Video Games Judder
with guest DJ DJ Dr. J (Twilight Laboratory)

Zombie Outbreak Judder
with guest DJ MB Lanyon (Tarantella Serpentine)

3rd MAY
Star Wars Judder
with guest DJ Echo (Modulate / Mutate @ Wendyhouse)

7th JUNE
Comic Book Judder
with guest DJs from Mostly Harmless (Norwich)

5th JULY
Steampunk Judder
with guest DJ Fox

Judder For Science!
with guest DJ Stodge

Robots, Aliens & Astronauts Judder
with guest DJ Miss Glitch (London)

Post-Apocalypse Judder
with guest DJ Traumahound (Rivet, London)

Judder Halloween Spectacular
with guest DJ Smogo (Brighton)

Pirate Christmas Judder
with guest DJ Bitcrusher (Woosey)

Right, see you soon my Judder lovers and wrap up warm until we can keep you toasty on the dancefloor!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 11/12/12


Can’t wait that long? See below!

Merry Yule, Judder fans!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who dressed up in their Christmas and Steampunk finery and joined us for our Victorian Christmas Judder! It was a splendid night with everyone well up for dancing away the winter chills! Thanks to A-B Riddims for guest DJ duties – photos are now up at the Judder Facebook and gallery – go see! And if you have any more photos you’d like us to share with the Judder masses, drop us an email on or hit us up on Facebook!

So that’s it for Judder until 1st February 2013, when we are back with our VALENTINES MASQUERADE JUDDER which begins a year of awesome themes as selected by you, the Judder-going lovelies, and looks a little something like this:

1st FEBRUARY    Judder Valentine’s Masquerade Ball

1st MARCH    Video Games Judder

5th APRIL    Zombie Outbreak Judder

3rd MAY        Star Wars Judder

7th JUNE    Comic Book Judder

5th JULY    Steampunk Judder

2nd AUGUST    Judder For Science!

6th SEPTEMBER    Robots, Aliens & Astronauts Judder

4th OCTOBER    Post-Apocalypse Judder

1st NOVEMBER    Judder Halloween Spectacular

6th DECEMBER    Pirate Christmas Judder

Keep an eye on the website as we’ll be confirming our guest DJs and drinks offers real soon!

Now, if February seems like an eternity away, don’t fret, as although Judder is taking a very well-earned break, there are other Judder-friendly events for you to enjoy between now and the end of the year!

First up, I’m DJing at a new event which is starting on Friday 21st December at the 2 Pigs called  “I <3 90’s” which pretty much tells you everything you need to know! I will be playing the best and worst of nineties music with no concerns for my own personal credibility as a DJ, so expect the finest and the cheesiest cuts from the decade that brought you grebo, rave, Britpop, grunge, and a lot of boy-bands! More info here.

Then, my live electronic A/V act, temp0rary, are off to the Frog & Fiddle for 2 gigs with Christmas sandwiched inbetween! On 22nd December we’re playing a noisy experimental set for the Mayan Apocalypse Survivors’ Party with Brown Torpedo, Oui Legionnaires, Japonika, Woosey, Galen and  other  noisy sorts – info here.

Then on Friday 28th December, we’re back again to play all our ‘pop songs’ at the Welcome Back Delta Christmas Party – sounds entirely like my idea of fun festive fare! Join the party here!

Merry Christmas one and all – and hope to see lots of you all at Judder in 2013!

Lee Chaos


Judder News, 2/12/12


Hey there Judder fans!
Merry Christmas one and all! Well, just one more chance to Judder this year at our Victorian Christmas Judder on Friday 7th December – we’re going to make this one really special to wrap up an awesome year with guest DJs A-B Riddims, presents for all the good boys & girls, a free shot for early birds and Captain Morgan’s and Morgan’s Spiced rum just £1 a night! Come dressed in all your Victorian, Steampunk or Christmas finery and get in for just £3 all night!

Judder then takes a break for Christmas until the 1st February but we are back with a bang as we enter our 10th year – we asked you to vote for your favourite themes, so here are the Greatest Hits of Judder for 2013!

1st FEBRUARY Judder Valentine’s Masquerade Ball

1st MARCH Video Games Judder

5th APRIL Zombie Outbreak Judder

3rd MAY Star Wars Judder

7th JUNE Comic Book Judder

5th JULY Steampunk Judder

2nd AUGUST Judder For Science!

6th SEPTEMBER Robots, Aliens & Astronauts Judder

4th OCTOBER Post-Apocalypse Judder

1st NOVEMBER Judder Halloween Spectacular

6th DECEMBER Pirate Christmas Judder

Thanks to everyone for filling in the survey – we got some brilliant feedback and some really good suggestions for themes that we’re putting in the Judder notebook for 2014 (gulp!). We’ll be lining up the finest guest DJs we can find and sorting out some brilliant offers and other surprises to make sure each night raises the bar for awesomeness, so put these in your diary now to avoid disappointment!

And because February seems a long way off and it’s medically impossible for me to sit still (don’t ask…) I’m going to be filling the long dark winter gap with a special event for those of you who love the 90’s called (in a stroke of genius I’m sure you’ll agree) – ‘I Love the 90’s’!

This will be in 21st December, so if you want to let your hair down before you pull it all out Christmas shopping, come and join us for a big fat slice of retro!

Have a good yuletime and see you on the 7th December!

Lee Chaos

Judder News, 19/11/12


Hey there Judder lovers!

Goodness me, it seems like weeks since halloween, but what an amazing night it was! Yet again, you amazed us with your costumes and the atmosphere was brilliant, with Adam Lab4 dropping a couple of incredible sets, the whole venue was rocking from the moment we opened the doors! All the photos are up at’s gallery, but if you have more to share, drop us a line, and you could in free entry to the next Judder!

So, we’ve just got ne more Judder in 2012, our Victorian Christmas party on Friday December 7th, with guest DJs A-B Riddims keeping it filthy, and with Captain Morgans and Morgans Spiced just £1 a shot to keep the winter chills at bay. We’ll have gifts for good boys and girls, and entry is just £3 if you come dressed in Victorian or Christmas fancy dress, so come and see the year out in true Judder style!

and what about next year? Well, we’ve got the dates confirmed, but for our 10th year of mayhem, we’re letting *you* choose the themes! So vote for your favourites, and we shall announce the winners just before the next Judder… VOTE NOW!

Oh, just one more thing… if you want something else to look forward, keep 21st December free in your diary, non nod, wink wink!

See you on the 7th December!

Lee Chaos

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Judder Setlist, 05/10/12

(DJ Lee Chaos Except Where Indicated)

Infected Mushroom – U R So Fucked
Fluke – Atom Bomb
kid606 – Fuck Up Everything You Can Before You Plan On Slowing Down
Kid Spatula – Hard Love
Nine Inch Nails – Burn
Unicorn Kid – Wee Monsters
Noisia – Monster
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Testament
Netsky    Detonate
Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky
Mindless Self Indulgence – Bitches
Victims of Science – The Device Has Been Modified
VengaBoys – VengaBus
Noisuf-X – Hit Me Hard
Scandy    – Me So Horny
Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Dave Clarke Remix)
Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n Stuff (Featuring Rob Swire)
Nero – Crush On You
Prodigy    – Invaders Must Die
Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Infected Mushroom – I’m The Supervisor (Cheeky Judder Edit)
Scooter    – Whistling Dave
Knife Party – Centipede (Original Mix)
Combichrist – Lying Sack Of Shit
VNV Nation – Nemesis
Angelspit – Defibrillator
Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix)
Pixies – Where Is My Mind?
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Harder

12 – 12.45 guest DJ Adam Lab4

[no data]


Pendulum – BloodSugar (judder hybrid)
Netsky – 911
Mistabishi – Printer Jam
Mindless Self Indulgence – Shut Me Up
Skrillex – First of the Year (Equinox)
DJ Fresh – Louder (Feat. Sian Evans) (Flux Pavillion & Doctor P Remix)
Janette Slack – Girl In Black (Kickflip vocal remix)
Britney Spears – Toxic
Prodigy    – Omen
La Roux    – In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)
Psy – Gangnam style

1.30 – 2.15 Guest DJ Adam Lab4

[no data]


VNV Nation – Beloved
Underworld – Born Slippy
Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt (featuring The Freestylers)
Nero – Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
Prodigy – Out Of Space
Baby D – I Need Your Loving
N-Trance – Set You Free (Judder Edit)
Ultraviolence – Hardcore Motherfucker
Apollo Four Forty – Ain’t Talkin’ `bout Dub
Utah Saints – Something Good (High Contrast 2008 Remix)
John B – Stalking You On MySpace (12″ VIP Mix)
Pendulum – Slam
Skrillex – Bangarang feat. Sirah (Original Mix)
Ed Sheeran – Lego House (The Prototypes Remix)
Panacea    – Found a Lover
Chase & Status – End Credits
Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith – What Can You Do For Me
Mindless Self Indulgence – Faggot
Haddaway – What Is Love
A-D-D – Shack My Bitch Up
2 Unlimited – No Limits
Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
Electric Six – Gay Bar
Michael Jackson    – Thriller
The Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird



KungpAu 10-11:30

Therapy? – Screamager
Life Of Agony – Weeds
The Fall Of Troy – Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles
Devil Wears Prada – Dez Moines
Periphery – Letter Experiment
Scar Symmetry – Morphogensis
Trash Talk – Hash Wednesday
Mastodon – A Commotion
Times Of Grace – Strength In Numbers
A Day To Remember – The Downfall Of Us All
Four Year Strong – Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope
Thrice – All That’s Left
Circa Survive – Living Together
Escape The Fate – The Webs We Weave
My Little Murder – Rising Up
While She Sleeps – Hearts Aside Our Horses
Letlive – The Sick Sick 6.8 Billion
At The Drive In – One Armed Scissor
The Bronx – Heart Attack American
Every Time I Die – The New Black
Rise Against – Prayer Of The Refugee
Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild *R
Pantera – Walk *R
Killswitch Engage – My Last Serenade *R


Aces High 11:30-12:30

American Headcharge – Loyalty
Soulfly – Back To The Primitive
Skindred – Stand For Something
Queens Of The Stone Age – Feelgood Hit Of The Summer
Mastodon – Curl of the Burl
Tool – Parabola
Velvet Revolver – Slither
Audioslave – Cochise
Clutch – Electric Worry
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster
Electric Six – Gay Bar
Sum 41 – Fat Lip
Blink 182 – Aliens Exist
Paramore – For A Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic
Transplants – Diamonds and Guns
Eminem – Lose Yourself
Marilyn Manson – Fight Song


KungpAu 12:30-2

Papa Roach – Between Angels And Insects *R
System Of A Down – Toxicity *R
Korn – Blind
Limp Bizkit – Nookie *R
Slipknot – Surfacing *R
Soil – Halo *R
Skindred – Pressure
Enter Shikari – Sorry You’re Not A Winner
Korn ft Skrillex – Get Up *R
Static-X – Cold *R
Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People *R
Rammstein – Du Hast
Rob Zombie – Superbeast
Prong – Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck
Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
Blink 182 – Rock Show *R
Green Day – Hitchin A Ride
Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down
Offspring – Want You Bad *R
Underoath – A Boy Brushed In Red
Alexisonfire – This Could Be Anywhere *R


Aces High 2-3:15

Biffy Clyro – Living is a problem because everything dies
Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows
Foo Fighters – One By One
Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator
Bon Jovi – Bad medicine
AC/DC – Highway To Hell
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California
The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
Kings Of Leon – Red Morning Light
Andrew WK – Party Hard
Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl
Rammstein – Du Hast
Tenacious D – Tribute
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
BoB ft Hayley Williams – Aeroplanes
Korn – Got The Life
Deftones – Elite *R
Machine Head – Davidian *R
Lamb Of God – Laid to Rest
Pantera – I’m Broken


KungpAu 3:15-4

Rage Against tHe Machine – Take The Power Back
Presidents of the USA – Peaches
Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch *R
Backstreet Boys – Backstreets Back
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Deftones – Back to School
Taproot – Smile
Hed (PE) – bartender
Linkin Park – In The End
Scroobius Pip – Let ‘em Come
Black Sabbath – Paranoid *R
Psy – Gangnam Style (Metal Remix)

Judder News, 3/11/12


Hey thereJudder boys & girls!

The more observant of you will have noticed that we’ve done a BIG overhaul of the Judder website – we’ve made it easier for you to browse all the photos from more than a HUNDRED Judders – all NINE AND A HALF THOUSAND of them – as well as all the flyers, posters, setlists and other stuff to jog your memory of awesome nights past!

But we’re not all about nostalgia, oh no siree! In fact we’re well into planning for 2013, which will be Judder’s 10th Anniversary year! And what we’ve decided to do is have a year of “Greatest Hits”, bringing back some of our most popular themes. which ones, you ask? Well, that’s entirely up to *you*! Yep, you can now vote for your favourites and the top 10 themes will be chosen for 2013, so let us know what you want to see! The top 10 themes wil then be chosen and announced on the last Judder of the year in December… So go here and vote Vote VOTE!

And finally, we need to let you know that if you used to get your Judder news from Facebook, you might have stopped getting updates as Facebook now wants to charge to promote sites – but you can help us get round this by doing the following to continue receiving news:
1. Open
2. Mouse over the gear wheel icon next to the “Like / message” box and click it.
3. Click “Add To Interest Lists”
4. Create an interest list name and all of the posts you want to see from any Fan Page you’ve “liked” will now show up.

Lee Chaos