Early to the party, aren’t we?!

Oh hello! Welcome… I’m not quite dressed yet, so pour yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable…

You know, this is all my mum’s fault. She wants her loft back, you see, and that’s where all the Chaos Engine masters and Wasp Factory CDs went to die. Now they’re coming back to my house bit by bit, and my house, as anyone who has visited will tell you, is full.

Anyhow, there’s lots of stuff we don’t have for the museum, because I had a bad habit of giving away everything and seldom keeping a copy for myself – if you have any photos, laminates, t-shirts, badges, stickers or any other rockstar tat, we’d love to see them and add them to the museum! If you have any anecdotes, reviews or that kind of thing, send that too!

I’ll be launching this site properly over the summer – I have somewhere in the region of 100 tapes and 50 CDs of rare, unreleased and live stuff that we’ll be giving away for free, but that’s a *lot* of digitising in my future…!