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GUITING POWER IN SHOCK, The Gloucestershire Citizen

GUITING Power has been branded ‘the seat of all evil’ by a Cheltenham songwriter.Lee Holder, vocalist with anarchist-punk band Chaos Engine, has penned lyrics about the small Cotswold village on his new album, Escape Ferocity.

He believes its residents, who may look innocent, are hatching sinister plots.

Villagers are bemused. They say they are ordinary people who enjoy fundraising for good causes.

Mr Holder, who wrote the track called The Guiting Power Institute For Supreme and Unnecessary Evil, said the hamlet gave him a sense of pervading evil.

He said: “It’s a horrible little village. It’s so polite. There must be something horrible going on.

“There is a lurking menace. It’s one of those typical middle-England pleasant places where there’s an organisation for Bond villains to retire to.”

Mr Holder, 31, said the village harboured secrets from the past.

He said: “Guiting Power is a quaint rural village besieged by tourists.

“There’s a church built by the Knights of the Templar. They were a freemason-like band of ex-military men who were accused of devil worshipping around the 14th century.

“The Catholic Church burned a lot of them at the stake.

“I think today’s residents could have various ways of tripping you up and making you suffer.”

The song’s lyrics, on the Wasp Factory Recordings label, are:

“Running with scissors, playing with knives, a thousand small ways, for endangering lives. You can’t be careful all of the time, if it looks accidental, it isn’t a crime.”

Guiting Power parish clerk Jim Hunter said: “No one has mentioned anything about evil spirits. I lived there for 20 years and now live in Winchcombe but not because there was any evil menace lurking there.”

Resident Martin Smith said: “The villagers are good people. We always manage excellent fundraising and work together very well.”