What is Bleephaus?

Curiosity. Creativity. Chaos!

Bleephaus is an adventure playground for sound and light. We provide opportunities for creative play in audio and video using a bewilderingly wide range of technology from rate analogue synthesisers to cheap circuit-bent toys, from handmade experimental devices to equipment you can pick up to play with at home.

Bleephaus starts with curiosity and chaos, and sometimes that’s as far as we get – however, we encourage collaborative play and have organised  electronic noise jam sessions in the past with greater structure and purpose, but never at the expense of creativity.

Sometimes Bleephaus is musical, and sometimes it isn’t – we are the polar opposite of formal music making in almost every imaginable way.

Bleephaus started in October 2013 as a one-off get-together for people who wanted to try their hand at building handmade electronic noise boxes and making a horrible noise together. For the event, a synth kit was made available that people could build. The results were then plugged into a PA and an impromptu noise jam concluded the evening.

Bleephaus then staged another event for National Drone Day in May 2014, running a 12 hour session combining live performances, an ‘open desk’ session for people wanting to play live or experiment, and more electronics workshops. A second synth kit was created, and people of all ages came together to make the kits and then make some noise!

Between 2014 and 2017, Bleephaus ran a series of regular events, combining workshops, show & tell sessions, open desk opportunities for new performers and headline shows from some of the most innovative performers in the electronic music scene. In 2017, Bleephaus were asked to run a workshop for younger people at Wychwood Festival, and from this we have gone one to provide activities at a variety of public-facing events for people to experiment with technology to make sound and light.